June 6, 2022

Episode 9: Going from Job Posting to Job Offer in 1 Hour with Martin Mathe

Episode 9: Going from Job Posting to Job Offer in 1 Hour with Martin Mathe

We all know the struggle of applying to so many jobs yet not landing even a single one. Meet Appyhere. Appyhere offers services specifically designed for organizations that hire hourly employees. Their ultimate goal? To simplify the interactions between hiring companies and job seekers. They leverage intelligent hyper automation to fill your positions quickly and make your recruiting REALLY more efficient.

Martin Mathe, co-founder of Appyhere, joins Humanalytics to discuss how they offer solutions and coaching to streamline your HR processes and allow you to hire candidates as efficiently as possible, making your recruiting team more efficient, and making them love their jobs more.

With a human and empathetic approach throughout the recruitment process, equal visibility and relevant experience for recruiters and candidates and respect and equal opportunity for everyone, Martin Mathe takes us through this all to show how they can transform job postings into job offers in a blink.


About the Company

At AppyHere, we facilitate the creation of partnerships between companies and job seekers by connecting them in real time and automatically according to the skills and aptitudes of workers and the real needs of companies. In order to give the same visibility to job seekers as to recruiting companies, our pool of candidates is shared with all our client companies. This allows us to encourage balance, create business opportunities and participate in economic turnover. Our vision for the future is that of an optimized job market open to all those who wish to participate.

AppyHere is the culmination of years of dedication and development. And we are still on that same path today, with a mission to continuously improve our solution and simplify the recruitment process for thousands for HR professionals across North America.

Visit their website https://appyhere.com/ and follow them on LinkedIn to know more about Juan and the company.


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