March 1, 2022

How HR Can Be a Strategic Financial Partner through Data-Driven Headcount Planning

Our guest on today's episode of Humanalytics is Emily Connery, the Senior Director of People and Talent of ChartHop. ChartHop is a company that offers a fresh perspective on People Analytics, bringing disparate sources of people data together in a visual and actionable platform. ChartHop was founded by Ian White in 2019.

In this episode, we'll learn how data-driven headcount planning can assist HR in becoming a strategic financial partner today. ChartHop, unlike legacy People Analytics solutions, is intended to be used by the entire organization. This assists businesses in improving organizational health, driving alignment and accountability, and saving time and money.

Through robust integrations across the HR tech stack, ChartHop works well with dozens of platforms and serves companies such as BetterCloud, Lightspeed, Starburst, and InVision.

Visit their website: to learn more about the company.