Feb. 21, 2022

How Effective Skills Mapping Drives a Strategic Workforce and Why You’re Probably Doing it Wrong

Our guest for today is Loïc Michel, the CEO, and Co-founder of 365 Talents, responsible for company strategy and development, specializing in HR innovation due to his many years of experience as a consultant in France and Canada.

This episode discussed how effective skill mapping drives strategic workforce planning. Skills mapping is the first step in any strategic decision you make in any workforce - a necessary tool for a company to achieve its objectives. Briefly, skills mapping is the process of determining which skills are present and lacking in a team so that employees can work on their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

"You have to know yourself, so you have to map your skills, you have to understand what are your current capabilities even if they are coming from different backgrounds, different geographies, from different businesses, from different people talking in different languages. So you have to check this information and to make it clear, and that's skill mapping." - Loïc Michel.

A little background on 365Talents: it began in 2015. It is a talent management platform that makes use of internal resources and makes it possible to predict future skill gaps and plan your workforce more effectively. You can automate skill mapping, internal mobility, staffing, employee development, and engagement. Through artificial intelligence, the platform can detect employees' skills in real-time and help them advance in their careers.

Visit their website: https://365talents.com/en/ to learn more about the company!