March 8, 2022

What are people analytics tools?

What are people analytics tools?

People Analytics is the process of gathering, analyzing, and transforming the insights of data into solutions that businesses can use to make better decisions and improve performance.

Sometimes, the volume of data becomes so large that the workforce alone cannot evaluate and understand it in a short amount of time — this is when people analytics tools come into play.

People analytics tools are software systems that help organizations leverage their data. These tools collect and analyze data to meet an organization's goals. In addition, the creation of these technologies helps streamline the process and provide meaning to such large amounts of data, which is a crucial factor in people analytics.

Why use people analytics tools?


People analytics tools enable organizations to interpret and understand the meaning of data. HR departments or large companies mainly use these tools, and they often give very detailed information on employee tenure, performance ratings, and internal mobility. This information can then help leaders create a plan with actionable insights that foster employee development, operational efficiency, and higher engagement within the organization.


Some of the most popular People Analytics tools are:


Sisense is one of the leading AI-driven embedded analytics that can integrate powerful analytics into workflows, processes, applications, and products. Top industry experts like Forrester and Gartner have recognized Sisense as a leading cloud analytics platform. It enables organizations to create customized experiences and automate work processes. It can also evaluate people's data across several different aspects.


R is one of the most extensively used tools in people analytics. Compared to other software applications, R can analyze large volumes of data and is known to be more suitable for this task. It allows users to evaluate and clean data sets that contain millions of rows of information, making it one of the most popular People Analytics tools available.


Visier is another prominent tool in people analytics. This application helps employees satisfy business demands, prepare for the future workforce, manage the recruitment pipeline, assess the productivity effect of training, and accomplish organizational goals. It can also assist enterprises in lowering their financial expenditures. In fact, Visier has reported a $15 million savings due to lower staff turnover.


Crunchr is a solid and straightforward application used in people analytics. Crunchr enables you to gain a holistic perspective of your people and organization by combining data from several sources. The Crunchr software not only combines data from several systems but also cleans and verifies the information. Crunchr also offers enterprise-grade security and a highly intuitive user interface (UX).


Tableau has developed one of the best technologies to analyze and visualize data from various sources. Tableau has been recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence for seven consecutive years. This software allows you to create business dashboards, maps, survey analysis, and time series analysis, among other things. Tableau is also a user-friendly and intuitive software that incorporates visual methods without interfering with the data analysis process.

It's crucial to point out that not all tools are appropriate for every industry or business. A given tool may be useful for one organization but not for another. For example, suppose these businesses or organizations are in the same industry. In that case, they may have comparable demands, but the tools to employ ultimately rely on the needs of each company and what exact data analytics they prefer to view. Ultimately, the type of tool to use depends on the business model and requirements.